Enforcement rules are the way to describe what signature should be applied for users in the domain. For example, it is possible to set two different templates for two different organisational units. Or set a single template for all users in the domain, but single user.

The most narrow rule will be applied for the user (user rule will overwrite the group and OU rule and group rule will overwrite the OU rule).

To create an enforcement rule for the Organizational Unit:

  1. navigate to the selected Organizational Units module in Your Domain section img1
  2. search for the OU you want to apply rule,
  3. click on link () icon to start creating the rule, img1
  4. select signature template (1) to be used - preview will be presented (2)
  5. set additional options like recursive (full OU tree starting with that OU (3)) or domains (4) img1
  6. click on Create rule (5)
  7. rule will be created and you will be redirected to the Signature Enforcing module - list view.