To create a new signature template go to Signatures -> Templates:

Screenshot presenting part of application - dashboard and menu - with arrow pointing at Templates

Click on the + Add new (1) to create a new template. If you want to edit the currently existing template you can click on the pen icon (2). You can also delete the existing template by clicking on the trash icon (3) - please note that the template is in use by Enforcing Rule cannot be removed as the enforcing rule must be removed first.

Screenshot presenting part of application - Signature Templates module with list of templates

After clicking you will be presented with an option to create your template:

  • (1) from scratch,
  • (2) using one of the available templates.

Screenshot presenting part of application - creating new template screen with example signatures

In this guide we have selected Gray with profile picture template.

Screenshot presenting part of application - creating new template with preloaded template called ‘Gray with profile picture’

After clicking on it you are redirected to the signature editor screen with the signature filled with the selected template. On the left of the screen, you can see editor (1) and on the right variables that are to use in the template (3).

Beside the common editor buttons like bold, italic on editor toolbar there are two additional important buttons (2):

  • code () - allows to switch between graphical and HTML editor,
  • () - allows you to see a preview of the signature with data based on your domain user.

You can use all the features that are provided by the Liquid template engine. You can check documentation with available operators and tags here.

When you are happy with the template you can fill up the name (4) and click on Save button (5) to save the template. After that your template is saved and ready to use - you can apply it individually or set enforcing rules on the domain, organisational unit, group or user level!

Screenshot presenting part of application - newly created signature template screen